Susan Armstrong of Money Matters Radio

"Refractive Lens Exchange Procedure has significantly improved my vision? Words cannot explain how pleased I am with my improved eyesight. I am free of contact lenses and glasses and can see perfectly both near and far?"

For over thirty years I have worn glasses or contacts to correct my distance vision. Although I preferred contacts, they not only became uncomfortable by the end of each day but were time consuming to clean, and costly to maintain. As I got older I started having difficulty reading fine print. While wearing contacts I could see perfectly in the distance but needed readers for close up work. I refused to wear bi-focals and chose not to wear two different contact lenses to help one eye focus on distance and one eye focus on close up, commonly called Monovision.

Good eyesight is of course convenient, but it is also essential for safety and day to day tasks. I work with my husband Barry Armstrong at our two companies Money Matters Radio and The Armstrong Advisory Group. Good eyesight is essential to perform my job overseeing the financials and HR for the companies. I perform a lot of work on the computer and need to read the fine print of financial reports. In addition, I need to meet many of our clients who come through the door. Putting on and taking off glasses all day to adjust my vision became annoying and impractical.

Several family members, friends and colleagues had chosen Lasik to correct their vision. I decided that I deserved to have perfect vision too. Accepting nothing but the best when it comes to my eyes, I did my research of the many doctors and practices that perform this procedure in the Boston area. My top criterion was that the Doctor had extensive experience and that he was part of a reputable practice.

I chose Dr. Sheth because he is affiliated with a well established practice that has served Boston area patients for many years. He is a highly trained Ophthalmologist as well as a Cornea and Refractive Surgery Specialist. After my initial meeting, I was told there was a better option than Lasik surgery for me. He introduced me to the idea of having Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery which would give me both distance and up-close vision.

Dr. Sheth and his associates fully explained each test that was performed and how the procedure would work. Everyone at his practice is professional, kind and helpful. I trusted Dr. Sheth completely. He performed Refractive Lens Exchange one eye at a time, a few weeks apart. It was a painless procedure that improved my vision in each eye by the next morning.

Now I have better than 20/20 vision for distance and I can read super fine print without difficulty. In addition, I will never suffer from cataracts since I have new lenses that will never get cloudy. My new lenses allow me to focus on small print, work on the computer and greet clients. I highly recommend Dr. Sheth and his associates at the Sheth Sheth-Horsley Eye Center for anyone considering Refractive Lens Exchange or any other corrective eye surgery. Having this surgery has greatly improved my life.

Susan Armstrong
Money Matters Radio, Inc.
Needham, MA


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The ophthalmologists at Sheth Horsley Eye Center have been serving the community's eye care needs for over 50 years. Our doctors are members of various prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • International Society of Refractive Surgery
  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery
  • American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin

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