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Pretty young blond making frame out of hands in front of faceIn addition to a range of refractive surgeries and general eye care services provided by Drs. Nilesh M. Sheth and Robert Kupsc, Sheth-Horsley Eye Center provides LASIK surgery to patients in Boston, Massachusetts and neighboring states including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut. 

Here, we present brief answers to commonly asked questions related to the popular laser eye surgery. For further information on the procedure, or to schedule an examination to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for LASIK, contact our office today using our online form

How does LASIK work?

LASIK is able to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by permanently reshaping the cornea so that it correctly focuses light onto the retina. After a flap is cut into the outermost layer of the cornea, allowing access to deeper tissue, a surgeon uses a laser to either steepen, flatten, or smooth out the curvature of the cornea. 

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

A large number of patients who need vision correction but would like to live free of a dependence on glasses and contacts are suitable candidates for LASIK. However, certain conditions, like severe dry eye or thin corneas, may prompt a healthcare provider to suggest an alternative treatment. Undergoing a thorough examination at Sheth-Horsley Eye Clinic can determine whether LASIK can meet your unique optical needs.

What are the benefits of LASIK?

Patients that have undergone LASIK report an extremely high rate of satisfaction, attesting to its literally life changing effect. The procedure is extremely safe and effective, allowing patients to enjoy greatly improved vision without the aid of glasses or contacts for years to come. The ability to better enjoy outdoor activities and sports, and cosmetic benefits, have also been listed among advantages appreciated post surgery. 

What are the risks of LASIK?

Like any surgery, LASIK is not without its risks. While risks can be minimized by choosing reputable, trusted specialists like those at Sheth-Horsley Eye Center, risks include dry eye, nighttime glare and in extremely rare instances, loss of vision. To minimize the risk of developing some of these side effects, alternative treatments may be discussed. 

How much does LASIK cost?

Similar to other refractive surgeries, LASIK is considered a cosmetic surgery and is typically not covered by vision insurance plans. At Sheth-Horsley Eye Center, we have a range of flexible financing options available to work within your unique budget constraints, including CareCredit® low monthly payment plans. 

Does LASIK hurt?

Prior to the procedure, patients' eyes are numbed using anesthetic eye drops. Though some patients have reported a feeling of gentle pressure on the surface of the eyes, the medication ensures the surgery is nearly painless. Any discomfort experienced in the day or so following your procedure can be addressed with pain medication prescribed by your doctor. 

How should I choose a LASIK surgeon?

By reading this material, you are taking the first step towards choosing a reputable LASIK surgeon: doing your homework. Our practice is backed by over 50 years of experience, and our personalized care honors a commitment to treating each patient like family. With extensive experience in the field and thousands of successful laser correction surgeries performed to date, you can rest assured you are in good hands at Sheth-Horsley Eye Center. 

To learn more about LASIK or schedule an appointment at our Stoneham office, reach out to us today using our online contact form


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