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Smiling, elderly Caucasian coupleMany people may have experienced classic cataract symptoms - sensitivity to bright light, blurred vision, and difficulty seeing at night - and even know how prevalent the common condition is, yet put off diagnosis and treatment due to a fear of how much it may cost. As a degenerative disease that affects vision and quality of life, hesitancy over the cost of cataract care should never bar patients from seeking help for their affliction. 

The first step in exploring treatment options and cost lies in scheduling an examination with a reputable, trusted healthcare professional. Sheth-Horsley Eye Center provides affordable care and information related to cataract surgery cost to patients from Boston and surrounding communities. Featuring the dedication and talent of Drs. Nilesh M. Sheth and Robert Kupsc, our practice works closely with patients to ensure their treatment plan is in line with their budget, no matter what your condition or healthcare needs are. To learn more about the cost of cataract surgery or schedule an examination, please take the time to fill out our online contact form

Cataract Surgery Cost: a Closer Look

Many patients fear that cataract surgery will entail hefty out-of-pocket costs. In truth, many types of cataract treatment, including surgery, are commonly covered by health and vision insurance plans. 

The first step in breaking down cataract surgery cost is to look more closely at the elements that combine to form the total treatment cost. In addition to surgical fees and the cost of the actual procedure itself, most patients will need to be fitted with an intraocular lens (IOL). Effectively replacing the diseased lens that is removed during surgery, a range of IOLs are available. Benefits, as well as cost, vary. 

Standard, monofocal IOLs (only correcting for nearsightedness) are typically considered the standard of care, meaning they are most often covered by insurance. Premium IOLs, including TECNIS® and ReSTOR®, offer a number of advantages over monofocal lenses. Though premium IOLs are more expensive, they allow for vision correction at a range of distances and often negate the need for reading glasses. Additional charges may also be associated with the implantation of a premium IOL, including incisions in the cornea to eliminate astigmatism. 

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If you have been diagnosed with cataracts and are considering pursuing surgery, the team at Sheth-Horsley will work closely with you to provide information on the total out-of-pocket cost you may incur, beginning with a fully detailed breakdown of charges and related costs. Obviously, each plan is unique and it is important that our patients work closely with their health insurance provider to learn what types of treatment their coverage entails. Our staff is happy to help throughout the insurance claim process, providing oversight and assistance as needed. 

Reach out to our Stoneham office, serving residents of Boston and the surrounding communities, by contacting us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about the cost of cataract surgery. Your vision is a truly priceless asset and we're her to help you restore it. 


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