LASIK (Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis)

I had my LASIK 10 days ago and I felt like I did 10 years ago when I didn't have to wear glasses. Dr. Sheth is very professional and I felt completely safe and comfortable leaving my vision in his hands.

The surgery was quick and painless. The next day I felt like I never had surgery and couldn't believe that I can see so good. My eyes felt completely normal with no discomfort at all and no dry eyes. However, the eye drops are very important and I am following the schedule.

Everybody at Sheth-Horsley Eye Center is very professional and everyone is very nice and friendly. The waiting room is very welcoming as well!

Thank you Dr. Sheth and staff for giving me my vision back!

- Violeta
Date: 05/04/2013

Ayla Brown

This is long overdue but I have been wanting to share how much I love the LASIK surgery that I had done last fall.

I have been wearing glasses forever since I was 12 years old. I had a hard time with contacts.

I never thought I was a candidate for the surgery as I had a stigmatism. But Dr. Sheth told me differently.

The surgery was easy and quick and so was the recovery.

I feel like a new person and love that I don't need any glasses or contacts.

It is complete freedom.

Thanks for all and the staff at Sheth-Horsley is wonderful and professional.


- Joanne L.
Date: 4/29/13

I've been considering getting LASIK surgery for a few years now. Now that I felt that the technology has matured enough for my comfort level (it's my eyes after all) I decided to go ahead and get it done. One of my colleagues at work went to Dr. Sheth and she was ecstatic about the experience. That's what really tipped the scales for me.

I got the all-laser LASIK surgery done about 4 weeks ago. The actual procedure only takes a few minutes. During and right after the surgery there's some discomfort, but nothing bad. And it's well worth it: I went from medium near-sightedness (-3.0/-3.0) to 20/15 on both eyes. The results are fantastic!

It took me a while to get used to the lack of glasses and/or contacts, but boy, that's a good problem to have. I'd certainly do it again.

- Oliver P., Woburn, MA
Date: 3/23/13

"A Modern-Day Miracle."

NECN reporter Chris Collins discusses how the bond he formed with Dr. Sheth throughout years of eye care at Sheth-Horsley Eye Center led him to finally feel comfortable with the idea of undergoing LASIK surgery. After a 30-minute procedure, Chris immediately began noticing improvements in his vision. In this LASIK testimonial, Chris describes LASIK as a "modern-day miracle" that has greatly improved his ability to perform as a sports reporter.

Thank you Dr. Sheth & the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center Team! I had LASIK eye surgery recently & see better than when I wore contacts. My vision is clear, I can see when I wake up in the night, and the biggest difference is that I don't have to think about contacts or glasses anymore.

The Sheth-Horsley Eye Center team are friendly and professional. If you're considering LASIK eye surgery in Massachusetts, consider Dr. Sheth with the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center, they understand the procedure and the results are phenomenal.

- Mike Hakoun
Date: 2/6/13

Dr. Sheth performed my LASIK eye surgery 10 days ago, and my experience was excellent. He and his staff were friendly and knowledgeable- they had the process down pat and the procedure was quick and effective, with only mild discomfort afterwards. I was apprehensive about the risks going into the procedure but Dr. Sheth accommodated my request to review everything I could expect and I was put at ease. The next day I felt well enough to drive and I can see 20/20 Yes! Really if I'd known it would be so successful, I'd have done it years ago and saved myself the annoyance of contacts, tired eyes and wishing I could see and swim at the same time! (well, swimming is not recommended yet, but I am looking forward to being able to!) The Sheth- Horsely Eye Center is an excellent option if you are looking to have LASIK.

- Kelli B.
Date: 1/28/2013

Custom LASIK has changed my life. Dr. Sheth and his staff were amazing. I have been told for YEARS that I was not a candidate for LASIK. I met with Dr. Sheth for a consultation and he determined that even with my high levels of Astigmatism that I was indeed a candidate. I have spent over 30 years wearing glasses and contacts. My astigmatism was so high that even with custom made contact lenses my vision was not clear. Each year I spent hundreds of dollars on contacts, glasses and solutions. I am so glad I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Sheth. Dr. Sheth made me feel at ease with the procedure and he performed a very thorough evaluation in order to provide optimal results. Today I can see 20/20 without contacts or glasses. This has been truly life changing for me, I just wish I didn’t wait so long to meet Dr. Sheth . I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sheth and his staff at Sheth-Horsley Eye Center!!

- Rozanne V.
Date: 11/13/12

When I was told a few years ago that I couldn't wear contacts due to an allergy, I was obviously upset that I had to wear my glasses all the time. Whether working out, right after the shower, or at the amusement park, my glasses had become an annoying part of my everyday life. A friend of mine suggested LASIK surgery but the thought of it terrified me. I immediately started thinking about the worst case scenarios and talked myself out of it numerous times. When I finally worked up the courage to go for the evaluation, everyone was so kind and friendly. Each step of the evaluation was thoroughly explained to me. When I met with Dr. Sheth, he answered all of my questions and put me at ease with the simple statement, "I did my sister's eyes. If I trust myself with her eyes, you can trust me with yours."

I am elated I went through with it! The procedure was quick and the healing process was worth a little bit of discomfort. It is amazing to wake up each morning and not have to reach for my glasses. I love falling asleep while watching TV without my glasses digging into my head and working out without glasses slipping down my sweaty face. I would highly recommend Dr. Sheth to anyone considering LASIK surgery. Not only did he and his staff put me at ease, but he did an excellent job in providing me with an alternative to my glasses!

- Coutney H.
Date: 11/12/12

I had been considering LASIK for several years and, as more of my friends took the plunge, I decided to do it myself. I couldn’t be happier – both with the results as well as the services provided at Sheth-Horsley Eye Center.

My vision is great. I chose monovision and have ditched my contacts and no longer use reading glasses at work. The freedom is great, as is waking up and just being able to see. Basketball and swimming are both great. Wind gusts no longer blow dust in my eyes causing watering and emergency contacts removal.

As I’ve heard from others, my only regret is not doing it sooner.

- Keith L.
Date: 10/30/12

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with my successful LASIK surgery performed by Dr. Sheth. Prior to my surgery, my glasses could only correct my vision to 20/25, and my contact lenses were only able to correct my vision to 20/30. In addition, I developed an allergy to the contact lens solutions. Dr. Sheth and his staff provided me with such careful and personal attention. They were thorough and demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism. The results are nothing short of miraculous. My vision after the surgery is 20/15 and I have never experienced such clear vision. I have told all of my friends and colleagues about the wonderful care I received from Dr. Sheth and his office. I want to express my sincerest appreciation to Dr. Sheth and his staff for restoring my vision and providing me with such excellent care.

- Michelle L.
Date: 10/24/12

I had LASIK surgery with Dr. Sheth on July 12th, 2012, I am very pleased with the results and would recommend the Sheth Horsely Eye Center to anyone considering LASIK. I chose to have monovision, which means I had my dominate eye corrected for distance vision and my other eye corrected for close work.

I am very happy with my monovision. Every now and then, I ask myself "why I didn't get 20-20 in both eyes," but then I shut my close vision eye and try to read fine print, and am so reminded of why I went with monovision.

I also tell myself that I can always get an enhancement for my close up eye and then have 20-20 in both eyes. So that option remains, but I probably will never act on it, because the whole idea is to not need glasses. If got an enhancement, I would be going back to having to find my reading glasses, whenever I need to read fine print.

A much better option is to get glasses that give me correction to 20-20 in my close vision eye for driving or boating when it would be nice to have 20-20 in both eyes. So I don't need glasses, but glasses would be a fun accessory for activities where bifocal distance vision would help.

However, I have not been in a hurry to get glasses, because my monovision works very well, and I am able to drive a car and read fine print without glasses and without any problems.

Many Thanks!

- James K.
Date: 9/18/12

Overall I've had a great experience with this eye center. The staff has been friendly and professional, as has been Dr. Sheth. If you're tired of wearing contact lenses, I definitely recommend LASIK. I started out with terrible nearsightedness...~-5.0 in each eye, and now I have 20/20 vision. The procedure itself was really quick (less than 10 mins) and practically painless (albeit a little odd.) I've already recommended the eye center to several of my friends. I was nervous going into the procedure, but am really glad I ended up going to this eye center.

- Michelle P.
Date: 9/11/12

I had been thinking of getting LASIK done for sometime now. I heard of the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center, did some research and decided to go with them. I was scared of undergoing the LASIK procedure. I met with Dr. Sheth and Karen B. who answered all my questions and reassured me that it was a safe procedure to undergo. We also talked about contingency plans if something did not go the way we planned for. Following my meeting I was relieved and relaxed and decided to undergo the LASIK procedure.

The surgery itself was painless and quick (all in all it took about 15 mins). I went home and slept pretty much most of the day. The next day i went to the clinic for a post-op checkup. Everything looked great. I went in for another checkup a week after the surgery and my vision was 20/20.

I like water activities a lot especially white water rafting, swimming etc. and it had always been a hassle with my glasses on. I realize what I had been missing all these years now.

I had my surgery on 06/28/12. Its been around 2.5 months and I have not had any side effects (the start bursts are virtually gone now)

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Sheth to anyone thinking of undergoing LASIK.

thank you Dr. Sheth for "opening my eyes" to a whole new world of opportunities and activities.

- Abhi S.
Date: 9/11/12

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience at Sheth-Horsley Eye Center. I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old, and contacts since I was 12, and I had kind of resigned myself to a lifetime of poor vision! I had been thinking about getting LASIK for a while, but I was always too nervous/hesitant to actually do it. After many, many years of spending too much money on glasses/contacts, I decided to go in for an initial screening, and I am so happy that I did! The staff at Sheth-Horsley was always very prompt, friendly, and very understanding of any of my questions/nerves/anxiety. They answered every question I had, and their knowledge and friendliness assuaged my nerves. I scheduled the surgery for a couple weeks later, and everything has been awesome since. I was nervous for the surgery, but the staff took very good care of me, and the whole procedure is only a few minutes long! After surgery, I went home, took the advised nap, and woke up with much better vision! It was a little cloudy that first day, as they told me it would be, but by the next morning, it was amazing! I remember walking down the street and being amazed at the clarity and crispness of my vision. I have been back for several post-op visits since, and my eyesight has only improved! I now have 20/15 in one eye, and 20/20 in the other! I never would have thought this would be possible -- and, quite frankly, it wouldn't have been without the great staff at Sheth-Horsley. If you are considering LASIK, I whole-heartedly recommend that you do it. I never thought I would be able to wake up in the morning and see perfectly, and now my vision is better than it was ever was with contacts or glasses! Thank you to the wonderful staff at Sheth-Horsley for giving me the gift of perfect vision!

- Amy R.
Date: 8/22/12

I just recently had LASIK surgery and since that time I am so pleased with the decision I had made. I am so happy I do not have to wear glasses anymore and I can now enjoy everyday activities without worrying about my glasses falling off and breaking. LASIK has given me so much more confidence and I have been receiving so many compliments on how I look without glasses. I can see so much clearer and my vision is superb.

- Robert G.
Date: 8/21/12

I had a wonderful experience. Although, apprehensive @ first to undergo any procedure that involved my vision, the staff and entire process made me extremely comfortable knowing they were knowledgeable and had my best interest at heart. I have a history of migraines so glasses were out of the question. I have such severe dry eyes and allergies that my eyes were always red, irritated, & my contacts constantly fell out of my eyes. I rubbed my eyes to the point that I had blurred vision. I felt comfortable with my decision to take the LASIK route. I am so thrilled with my "NEW" eyesight. I went from 20/80 to 20/15 in one week. The best part was the procedure was PAINLESS!! Thank you Dr. Sheth and staff:-)

- Melissa A.
Date: 8/14/12

I had my laser surgery for both eyes performed by Dr. Sheth in February 2012. I had wanted to "fix my eyes" for years, but always had an excuse on why I shouldn't. Fortunately, I decided to commit to the surgery after meeting with Dr. Sheth and his team and feeling comfortable enough to trust him and his team with my eyesight.

As expected I was a little nervous prior to and during the surgery, but at the end of the surgery realized that there really had been nothing to be nervous about. Was the surgery uncomfortable at times? Yes of course. Was there any pain at all? No, no pain at all. The surgery was over in minutes, and before I knew it I was in recovery and wondering if I had done the right thing. Note: when you first come out of surgery, don't expect to see as well as Ted Williams right away! You need a day or so to recover.

After only four hours home in bed, I opened my eyes and a new world opened up before me. I looked down my hall, and could actually see the nail holes in the frame around the bathroom. As the day progressed, my sight improved even more. Was it perfect right away? No not quite, it fluctuated over a few days. I experienced some blurriness/cloudiness on occasion that first week, especially when my eyes became dry. Every now and then it also felt like I had some sand in my eyes as well, bot tolerable. You also have to wear protective goggles for a week or so; not fun, but again quite tolerable. In the end, listen to Doctor Sheth, do what he tells you with the drops, and within a week you are feeling just fine. With a few days of the surgery I was back at work, and had no problem with driving, seeing the computer or my general surroundings at all.

The results of my surgery exceeded expectations. My right eye has tested close to 20/10 range, while my left eye is "only" in the 20/15 range. It's been six months since my surgery and my eyesight hasn't changed. I know it's become cliché, but since the surgery I keep asking myself "why did I wait so long?" It's been a total lifestyle change to say the least. it's GREAT not relying on glasses or contacts, and I'm actually now more physically active than I was prior to the surgery.

If you are on the fence, just take the leap and have the surgery done - you will not regret it. Dr. Sheth and his team will take good care of you. I highly recommend the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center and would not hesitate for one moment if I had to make the choice all over again.

- Mark S.
Date: 8/3/12

I am so happy that I had LASIK surgery with Dr. Sheth, he's great. I am also delighted to be able to see without having to put on my glasses. Even though I do need a small prescription for computer use and reading, I can get away without having any glasses at all. I am in my early 50's but I do plan on working until I'm 80 (if I am able to) and I need my eyes so it's a win/win situation. I could have spent more money buying a dress than I did for LASIK. I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone.

- Sandra V
Date: 8/2/12

I had LASIK done back in November of 2011 by Dr. Sheth and it was BY FAR the best decision I had ever made!

I started wearing glasses when I was 8 and contacts at age 13. My prescription consistently worsened year after year and I always had to get a stronger prescription. I work as an office manager during the day, so I sit in front of a computer & also teach dance at night. I can work very long days and it came to the point that whenever I had my contacts in, I couldn't wait to get home and take them out. I started to wear my glasses more often, but even that started to become a pain with teaching dance & being active and not to mention not being able to wear sunglasses unless they were a prescription pair.

After knowing numerous people who had LASIK done by Dr. Sheth and only had great things to say, I decided to make a consultation. The initial consultation does take 2 hours. Dr. Sheth and his staff are extremely thorough (they even make you watch a quick video and answer a questionnaire afterwards). I felt completely comfortable leaving the appointment and going through with my LASIK.

The actual procedure is a piece of cake. I think by the time they prepped me to the time it was over was all about 5 minutes, tops!! The next day I had a follow up appointment, and I had 20/20 vision! It was absolutely amazing considering how awful my eyesight was before! I literally could not believe results. My eyesight only got better after that and now I have 20/15.

If you are even considering LASIK definitely contact the staff at the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center. It was BY FAR the best thing I have ever done and at 27 years old, I only wish I had done it much sooner!!!

- Laura W.
Date: 7/31/12

"Dr. Sheth of Sheth Horsey Eye Center is hands down one of the most professional, diligent, experienced, and reputable doctors I have ever encountered. I was a bit hesitant when I consulted with Dr. Sheth in terms of being a good LASIK candidate, but after he determined I was a good candidate, he further assured me that he is a leading doctor in his field and that his use of the most up to date technology will further enhance my LASIK experience and post-op recovery. The LASIK surgery only took at most 15 minutes and was relatively pain-free. Dr. Sheth was very nice and courteous during the procedure, and was very caring. I came in to the surgery with very high astigmatism, as well as having worn eye contact and glasses for over 15 years in total. Within an hour after the surgery, I could see quite well in both eyes! The next day, I had a post-op appointment and I could see 20-15!!! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sheth."


- Munif Ali J., Presidential Scholar - Cum Laude Honors
Date: 7/7/12

"At only 29 years old and having had glasses for over 20 years, I was more than ready to explore the LASIK option. Family members and co-workers had their procedures by Dr. Sheth and he was the only Dr. I considered and I am so glad I did! The consultation does take about 2 hours but it is absolutely necessary, you want to be 100% sure that this is the right fit for you. Upon meeting Dr. Sheth and his staff, I knew these were the people who were going to give me perfect vision. The actual surgery made me slightly apprehensive because I am the most squeamish person on the planet, but once you're in the room there is absolutely nothing to worry about. From start to finish the procedure took about 4 minutes and there is zero pain involved (thank goodness)! After keeping my eyes closed for the necessary 3 hours I literally woke up and COULD SEE, it was the most amazing thing ever. Having to worry about my glass slipping off while working out, cleaning them constantly or not being able to see things far away - even with my glasses - is officially a thing of the past. I literally went from a vision of 20/400 (no, that's not a typo), to 20/20 overnight and even 20/10 the following week. It has now been about 6 months and I use the 'Refresh' drops in the morning and usually right before I go to sleep but I have had zero side effects and I would absolutely recommend Dr. Sheth and the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center to anyone who is thinking about LASIK; it's the best decision I have ever made."

- Kara W
Date: 5/29/12

I’ve been wearing either glasses or contacts since high school. At first, I only needed them for driving, seeing the chalkboard at school, etc. Over the years, my vision worsened until I wore them all the time. My eyesight had leveled out for the past 4-5 years so I figured I’d be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Still, I was put off by the cost and fears that the surgery would fail or have unpleasant side effects. Well, I finally put together the money and my courage and had the surgery. All I can say is – money well spent! It is so delightful to be able to wake up in the morning and see clearly. To be able to swim, ride my bike, and ski without worrying about my contacts. No more solutions, cleaning, and expensive contact lens fittings. No more trying to look past raindrop spattered or foggy glasses. I now have perfect vision and it feels great!

Dr. Sheth and his team are true professionals. They explained the process, provided great reference materials and really worked hard to make sure that my experience was positive and successful. While the office is clearly very busy and Dr. Sheth has a full schedule, he is quite personable and doesn’t make you feel like a number. The office has good hours, is easily accessible by car or bus and accepts all types of insurance. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Sheth as my surgeon and I look forward to many more years of working with him as my Ophthalmologist.

- Laura S.
Date: 5/11/12

I found the whole process to be very successful. I went from a 20/50 vision to 20/10 in just 3 months. All of the staff was extremely helpful, even when I would call into the office with questions about my post-op medications. I'm still in awe over the high success I had. 4 months later I still wake up thinking, oh no! I slept with my contacts in! Only to realize two seconds later that I have perfect vision now.

I would recommend Sheth-Horsley Eye Center to anyone and everyone who wears contacts or glasses, Dr. Sheth truly changed my life.

- Isabela S.
Date: 5/11/12

I was nervous to get Lasik at first for fear that I'd get a rare complication. I cannot stress how glad I am that I went through with the procedure with Dr. Sheth and his fantastic staff. Karen was so personally attentive to me pre-procedure - sending an email with detailed instructions and tips and even following up by phone the night before.

The actual procedure was not painful and happened so quickly. IMMEDIATELY afterwards, I noticed that I could finally see without glasses. 4 hours later, I had little to no discomfort. 1 day later, I could see better than I ever had in my life, even with the aid of contacts or glasses previously. I could see more details in things like the leaves of trees than I had ever saw before. I have better than 20/20 vision now, thanks to Dr Sheth and his fantastic staff. Thank you!!

- Natasha A.
Date: 3/31/12

I am extremely happy with the results of my LASIK surgery performed at the Sheth-Horsley eye center. Dr. Sheth performed the surgery on the morning of February 9th 2012, and by that evening (after my three hour nap of course) I was watching tv with no glasses on, as clear as day. I was back to work the next day and seeing better than I had with my glasses before the surgery. Aside from minimal discomfort in the couple of days following the procedure, there have been absolutely no negative effects.

I came in for the one-week post op visit, and tested at better than 20/15 vision, which the doctors said should get even better over time as my eyes continue to heal. I am especially looking forward to the benefits of LASIK with my second child on the way, since I won't have to be fumbling around for my glasses in the middle of the night each time the baby wakes up like I was with my first child. Thanks Dr. Sheth!

M. Ingram
Date: 3/13/12

I had LASIK performed about six weeks ago through the Sheth-Horsley Eye Center after wearing contact lenses for 23 years. It has to be the best thing I have ever done for myself. There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and being able to see. Dr. Nilesh M. Sheth and his staff were fantastic through every phase of the procedure. The initial appointment took about two hours and required dilating my eyes. Every question I had during this visit was answered to my satisfaction. This was done at the doctor's office in Stoneham.

The next appointment was a wavescan, which took about five minutes and was done at the Laser Center in Burlington. The following day, I had surgery in Burlington and the entire visit took about two hours. The procedure itself took about fifteen minutes. There was some mild discomfort while my eye was held open and the laser applied. Use the prescribed Valium to your advantage during this! Although it may seem like there are a lot of patients there for surgery at the same time, it did not feel as if the doctor was rushing through the procedure. He has a great disposition and truly put me at ease during the surgery.

For the next few days, I experienced some mild discomfort akin to having an old set of contacts in my eyes. My eyes were still a bit sore for the first follow-up appointment the day after surgery, but this was to be expected.

It has now been several weeks and the only issue I have is some dryness in the morning upon waking, which is quickly remedied with Restasis and artificial tears. My eyes tested 20/15 in both eyes at the second follow-up (one week after surgery). It's a great to now be free of both contacts and glasses. I would highly recommend Dr. Sheth and his staff for LASIK.

- Sean M.
Date: 1/12/12

"After having contacts for 14 years I decided to finally get lasik. I would recommend anyone who needs LASIK to go see Dr Sheth. Before LASIK, I needed a -3.50 contact. Three weeks after surgery I am seeing 20/10 with zero issues. I should have done this years ago!

The office and staff are all very professional. All follow-up appointments have been quick and easy."

- Jon M.

Lost glasses?

Broken Glasses?

Never again!

Thanks to the Sheth Horsley Eye Center I will never have to endure the hassles that come with the need for prescription glasses. The LASIK procedure Dr. Sheth performed on both of my eyes has given me back an autonomy from constantly having to think about where I put my glasses down, whether I have my glasses case with me, or when will I need a new set of prescription glasses. Additionally, being able to see clearly without glasses has given me a newfound freedom in life.

My experience with the Sheth Horsley Eye Center was first class all the way. Once I became a candidate for the surgery, Karen Babbitt and Dr. Sheth did a fantastic job of not only preparing me for the surgery but continued to make sure all was well after the surgery.

The surgery itself was quick and painless thanks to Dr. Sheth's well documented experience with performing LASIK.

As with so many others before me, my only regret is that I didn't have this procedure done sooner.

Many thanks to the Sheth Horsley Eye Center for bringing my quality of life to a whole new level!


- Deric
Date: 10/28/2011

"Overall good experience. Staff is friendly and were helpful with any questions I had. LASIK surgery ways quick and painless. I had terrible vision before and how I have 20/15 vision about 8 months post surgery. Definitely worth getting LASIK with them. Greatest decision of my life getting LASIK. No more irritating contacts and dry eyes."

- Anthony D.
Date: 10/27/11

My story: I decided to get LASIK surgery after talking to a sister and brother about the procedure and results. The folks at Sheth-Horsley were great. I’m sure there are other outfits out there that are just as good but I honestly don’t know how they could be better. All the staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They answer all questions and the pre-procedure visits, procedure itself, and follow ups went off without a hitch. What more could one ask for? How about, they actually seem to enjoy what they do! I compare the actual procedure as a dentist visit with zero pain! It’s a little uncomfortable but quick – very similar to a dentist visit. My results are beyond what I expected. It’s been about 3 months now. I chose to get the mono where one eye is for near vision and one far. I had the benefit of my twin brother doing this about a year ago and telling me it’s the way to go (for us). Now I have better than 20/20 vision and can read virtually all small print. I have to close an eye and think about it to determine which eye is for close, which for far. In the evening with bad light I may use some “cheaters” for small print but I’m 53 years old so OK with that. Oh, I have been wearing glasses and contacts since I was about 12 years old, not any more.

Bottom-line: if someone is considering the procedure I am another person who has done it and very happy with the results. If you are considering Sheth-Horsley or their location is convenient I really can’t say enough about them. They are what one would hope for and expect – very professional.

Bill Duncan, Sr. Manager Custom Solutions Group
Date: 10/10/11


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