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Boston LASIK Recovery TipsLASIK is a minimally invasive surgery that is associated with little downtime and few side effects. Of course, any time a patient undergoes surgery, there are things that can be done to speed recovery and reduce the risk of complications and the severity of side effects. In this post, the experts at our Boston eye care center, Sheth-Horsley Eye Center, offer LASIK recovery tips for patients that are undergoing laser vision correction surgery.

Take a Nap

Although the discomfort that is associated with LASIK surgery wears off quickly, it is at its worst when the numbing eye drops wear off (about 30 minutes after treatment). The uncomfortable sensation may remain for two to three hours. For this reason, we advise patients to take a nap immediately after surgery. When you return home from surgery, go to bed and take a nap for a few hours. Even though it is daytime, many patients feel tired enough to take a nap for a few hours due to the effects of the sedative. When patients awaken, they experience significantly improved vision and little pain.

Wear the Protective Goggles

When patients leave our office after LASIK surgery, we provide them with protective eyewear. These goggles should be worn the day of surgery and the first night after surgery. Not only will the eyewear protect the eyes from debris and reduce the risk of infection, they will also prevent patients from scratching or itching the eyes and accidentally dislodging the healing corneal flap.

Apply Eye Drops

After LASIK surgery, patients are prescribed a combination of antibiotic, steroid, and anti-inflammatory eye drops to prevent infection and accelerate healing. It is critical that patients apply the eye drops on schedule and use the entire bottle to ensure proper healing. In addition, patients may want to use artificial tears to keep the eyes moist. Patients may experience some dryness or eye discomfort in the days after LASIK, and lubricating eye drops can provide relief.

Don’t Touch the Eyes

One of the most important tips that we offer to our Boston LASIK patients is to avoid touching the eyes for any reason during the healing period. Touching or itching the eyes is dangerous for two reasons. First, it can increase the patient’s risk of infection. Second, it poses a risk to the healing corneal flap.

Don’t Strain the Eyes

Although many want to enjoy the benefits of their improved vision, patients should not strain the eyes in the days after LASIK. Take frequent and regular breaks from staring at the computer screen or TV so you can rest the eyes.

Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

The eyes will be sensitive to light after LASIK surgery, so it is a good idea to avoid staying out of the sun or in any room with extremely bright lights. Some patients prefer to keep rooms dimly lit for a few days after LASIK surgery.

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