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Boston Pre-operative LASIK InstructionsPrior to undergoing LASIK eye surgery, or any surgical procedure for that matter, patients should review their list of pre-operative instructions and discuss any questions with their surgeon. Attention to the surgeon’s pre-surgical instructions and tips will increase the success of the operation and reduce the risk of complications. At Sheth-Horsley Eye Center, we thoroughly explain all pre-operative LASIK instructions to patients. The surgeons at our Boston eye care center will ensure that all patients are informed on what they need to do to prepare for LASIK surgery. Here, we have provided a basic checklist of pre-operative LASIK surgery instructions.

Stop Using Your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses can temporarily alter the shape of the cornea. To get the best possible result from LASIK surgery and accurately reshape the cornea, the cornea will need to be in its natural state, or shape, on the day of LASIK surgery. For this reason, patients should not wear contact lenses in the days before LASIK surgery; instead, patients can use eyeglasses to see clearly. The length of time in which patients must stop wearing contact lenses before LASIK surgery depends on the contact lens type.

  • Soft lenses:At least one week
  • Hard lenses:At least two weeks
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses:At least two to three weeks

Arrange Transportation

Although LASIK surgery does result in immediate improvement in patients’ vision, it is not safe for patients to drive themselves home after the procedure for a few reasons. To alleviate any stress and apprehension before surgery, we provide patients with a mild sedative, and patients should not drive while under the influence of sedatives. Second, it is common to apply eye drops that enlarge the pupils before eye surgery, and patients should not drive for several hours after these eye drops are applied. Finally, most patients report improved vision right after LASIK surgery, it is common to experience side effects such as fuzzy vision, sensitivity to light, and discomfort, all of which may inhibit a person’s ability to drive safely.

Purchase Recovery Products

Before surgery, patients should purchase any healing products that they will need during their recovery. This may include prescription eye drops and lubricating eye drops.

Eat before Surgery

Many patients are accustomed to fasting for several hours before surgery, but this is not required with LASIK surgery. In fact, we encourage our patients to eat a light meal before surgery. Patients can expect to be at our office for one to two hours for their surgical appointments, and we recommend that patients nap for a few hours after surgery. Eating before surgery will help keep you comfortable during and after surgery.

Dress Appropriately

Although LASIK surgery is minimally invasive, it is important to dress appropriately and avoid the use of products that may interfere with the success of surgery. Our Boston LASIK surgeons advise patients to wear comfortable, loose clothing on the day of surgery. Patients should also remove jewelry and, of course, not wear their contact lenses. It is best to not wear make-up or other facial or eye products the day of surgery; patients should thoroughly wash the face of any product just before LASIK surgery. Finally, patients should avoid using perfume, cologne, and any other fragrance on the day of surgery.

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